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Net Company Sued for Slow Broadband

Paul Rubens - February 2, 2017 - 10:49 AM
Net Company Sued for Slow Broadband
Time Warner Cable faces legal action after allegations that it systematically defrauded and mislead subscribers.

(CCM) — Time Warner Cable has found itself in hot water after the New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched legal action against its owner. It is alleged that the company conducted a systematic scheme to defraud and mislead subscribers to its internet service by promising to deliver a service that it could not deliver. A summons with the allegations was issued yesterday. Schneiderman announced the lawsuit against Charter Communications, which owns Time Warner Cable, and Spectrum Management Holding Co., which operates the broadband service.

The AG's office discovered during an investigation lasting 16 months that broadband speeds were 70% lower than advertised, while WiFi speed were 80% slower, according to a Tech Times report. It adds that some customers only received internet speeds that were between a third and a half of what they had paid for. The company provided modems to some of its subscribers which were out of date, and WiFi routers which it knew could not achieve the promised internet speeds, the report claims. "Not only did Spectrum-TWC fail to deliver the promised Internet speeds, it repeatedly assured subscribers that they could achieve the same results with wireless as with a wired connection, even when it knew that the wireless connection suffered from unavoidable, real-world limitations," the summons alleges.

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