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Facebook Puts Ad Breaks Into Live Video

Paul Rubens - February 24, 2017 - 10:55 AM
Facebook Puts Ad Breaks Into Live Video
Facebook Live video creators can now make money by inserting short commercial breaks into their offerings.

(CCM) — Facebook Live video viewers may find their entertainment is increasingly being interrupted by commercial breaks from today, the social networking company has revealed. Facebook has been testing its "Ad Breaks" feature with a small group of video creators for the last few months, but now it is making it available to any page or profile with 2,000 or more followers which has had 300 or more concurrent viewers in a recent live video. The first ad break can be taken after a minimum of four minutes of live video, and additional ad breaks after a minimum of a further five minutes. Each ad break can last up to 20 seconds, and video creator will earn a share of the resulting ad revenues.

Video creators can take an ad break during any live video when they reach 300 or more concurrent viewers by tapping on a $ icon that appears in the Live composer window. Currently "Ad Breaks" is only available to U.S. broadcasters, but Facebook hopes to expand to additional countries in the near future. Google began offering ads in YouTube videos in 2007, and recently the company announced that it is to end the practice of showing "unskippable" 30-second preroll ads next year.

Image: © Rokas Tenys - Shutterstock.com
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