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Amazon's Alexa Has Over 10,000 Skills

PaulRubens - February 24, 2017 - 12:06 PM
Amazon's Alexa Has Over 10,000 Skills
The number of skills available for Amazon's Alexa has broken the 10,000 mark and continues to skyrocket.

(CCM) — Amazon's Alexa intelligent assistant now has more than 10,000 skills, and the explosive growth shows no sign of abating, according to a company blog post. Skills provide Alexa with new capabilities in the same way that apps add capabilities to smartphones. Amazon made the Alexa Skills Kit available to developers in June 2015, and since then the number of Skills available has exploded. About 130 Skills were available in January 2016, but by last September this had risen to over 3,000. By contrast Google Assistant, which was announced in May 2016, has less than 100 services developed by third parties.

The most popular category of Alexa skills is News, followed by Gaming, Education/Reference, Lifestyle, and Novelty/Humor, according to the blog post, and tens of thousands of developers are currently building skills for Alexa. However with the increased number of skills comes the risk that consumers are unable to find good ones amongst a sea of poor quality offerings. A 2017 Voice Report found that only 3% of Alexa skills are used again a week after they are first activated, but Amazon hopes to make things it easier to find high quality skills by enabling customers to leave reviews on Amazon.com.

Image: © Amazon.
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