Sony Xperia XZ Offers Super Slow Motion

Sony Xperia XZ Offers Super Slow Motion
A new image sensor uses internal memory to capture video at a rate four times higher than ever before possible.

(CCM) — Sony has taken the wraps of a smartphone capable of recording super-slow-motion video clips that play back four times slower than is possible on rival smartphones made by the likes of Apple and Samsung. The Xperia XZ Premium handset's new Motion Eye camera is capable of capturing video footage at up to 960 frames per second (fps) using an image sensor that includes its own built-in memory. This enables it to start buffering images before the user starts recording, the company claims. The new phone also includes the first 5.5-inch 4K HDR display, featuring the same technology used in Sony's Bravia TVs, enabling users to watch 4K HDR content from Amazon Prime Video at its native resolution. The handset's glass surfaces are made with toughened Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which is capable of surviving falls from a height of 1.6 meters onto a rough surface.

Even though Sony commands only about 1% of the global smartphone market the announcement is significant because the company supplies its image sensors to other manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi. New technology is typically made available to rival phone makers about six to 12 months after its launch, meaning that it is unlikely that 960 fps capabilities will feature in Apple's forthcoming iPhone 8 or Samsung's Galaxy S8 smartphones.

Image: © Sony.