Chevrolet Offers Unlimited Data Plans

Chevrolet Offers Unlimited Data Plans
Chevrolet is the first car-maker to offer an unlimited data plan for its car hotspots.

(CCM) — Chevrolet passengers can now stream movies to their hearts' content while on the move thanks to an unlimited data plan which the car-maker is offering with its vehicles, according to a BBC report. Buyers of all cars sold from Mar. 3 will be eligible for the unlimited 4G LTE data plan, which will cost $20 per month. The deal will be offered in partnership with OnStar, and subscribers' cars will be equipped with a WiFi hotspot connected to the internet through OnStar's LTE network. The unlimited data deal is available on any car made by Chevrolet, according to the report, and up to seven devices will be able to access the internet via the hotspot simultaneously. Last year Chevrolet said that its in-car hotspots had consumed about four million gigabytes of data, almost double the amount used in the previous year.

The trend for in-car hotspots looks set to increase following the announcement this week by Ford that it plans to offer 4G modems in cars sold in Europe as part of a deal signed with U.K.-based international carrier Vodafone. Ford's hotspots will allow up to 10 devices to connect at once, but the company has not released prices or announced if it will include an unlimited data deal.

Image: © Chevrolet.