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Facebook Tests 'Dislike' Button

Paul Rubens - March 6, 2017 - 11:58 AM
Facebook Tests 'Dislike' Button
The social network may soon introduce a 'Dislike' button in its Messenger chat app, a report says .

(CCM) —Many Facebook fans have been clamoring for a "Dislike" button for years, and now the social network has begun testing one, according to a Tech Times report. But the bad news for these Facebook users is that the new button won't be available to press on status threads. Instead it is due to appear in Messenger, Facebook's chat application. Facebook is also planning to add emojis similar to the those that are available in the "Reactions" feature that was launched last year and now appears in the news feed.

When the new capabilities are launched users will be able to tap an emoji button to bring up a choice of Heart (love), Haha, Sad, Angry, Wow, and Like symbols as well as a new Dislike button. Facebook is trialing the feature in the Messaging app with a small number of people to see how they use it, according to the report. Facebook has resisted calls to add a "Dislike" button to the news feed in case it promotes negativity or ends up being used for bullying. Many brands and advertisers are also strongly against the idea of a "Dislike" button as it could be used to undermine their presence on Facebook.

Image: © rvlsoft - Shutterstock.com
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