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Switch Users Report Controller Glitch

Switch Users Report Controller Glitch
The Nintendo Switch may have a design fault in its left-hand wireless controller, according to a report.

(CCM) — Nintendo is facing an "antennagate" crisis following complaints that the left-hand controller for its new Switch console often has problems connecting wirelessly to the system, according to a BBC report. The company has announced that it is investigating the problem, which may be caused by wireless interference, and in the meantime suggests that users sit closer to their consoles and ensure that they have the latest firmware update installed.

The problem with the left-hand controller may be caused by the fact that it does not have the same dedicated antennas the right-hand controller. Instead it is printed directly on the controller's circuit board, beneath the controller's shoulder button where its Bluetooth signal could be weakened. But if this is indeed the problem then Piers Harding-Rolls, an analyst at research firm IHS Markit, believes that it will be short-lived. "If this is a design issue, I expect Nintendo to look closely at adjusting the lay-out of the antenna in the left Joy-Con to help solve the issue, as the fix would appear relatively straightforward," he told the BBC. The Switch has encountered another problem since its launch: some owners have complained that their screens suffer from dead pixels. A poll of Switch users on social media site Reddit found that 20% of respondents had experience some kind of problem with their consoles.

Image: © Nintendo.
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