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iPhone Dominates, but Android Beats iOS

iPhone Dominates, but Android Beats iOS
Apple dominated the smartphone market this holiday period, but its mobile platform is still in second place.

(CCM) — Apple continues to trounce the opposition when it comes to smartphone sales, but Android is still stealing Apple's lunch when it comes to mobile operating system usage. Those are the findings of a new comScore report on market share trends in the U.S. smartphone industry. The report found that in the three months ending January 2017 Apple had a 44.6% share of smartphone subscribers, almost twice as many as arch-rival Samsung. LG was the only other manufacturer to achieve a double-digit share of the market, while Motorola and HTC managed just 4.3% and 2.3% respectively. The results may be skewed by the fact that Samsung is about to unveil its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone later this month, and as a result many Samsung fans may have been holding off making a purchase until the new smartphone goes on sale in April.

But when it comes to smartphone platforms, Android was the dominant force: 53.2% of smartphone subscribers use it. Apple was the only other significant participant in this market with the same 44.6% market share. Microsoft barely registered with a 1.6% share, a full percentage point higher than BlackBerry with just 0.6%.

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