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Microsoft Tests Three-Minute App Trials

Microsoft Tests Three-Minute App Trials
Users can try apps from the Windows 10 Store for three minutes without downloading them.

(CCM) — Microsoft is testing out a new system which allows users to try out Windows 10 applications for three minutes before deciding whether to buy them, according to a Tech Times report. The company has launched a preview version of the system, called Playable Ads, for programs that are available for sale in the Windows 10 Store. It uses a technology called "inline expandable app streaming," which enables users to interact with an app for three minutes as if it were already installed on their device. Thanks to this technology users do not have to download or install the application to test it: they can either purchase and download it if the application meets their needs after the three minute trial, or they can simply move on to something else without having cluttered up their system with an unwanted software installation.

Microsoft says that one of the benefits of this approach is that users do not have to uninstall software that they decide not to buy. It adds that it should appeal to software developers because potential customers are more likely to buy applications if they can try them out without installing them, rather than just reading a description of the application and browsing some screen shots. Developers can make their applications available as Playable Ads without any extra coding by selecting a "Try Now" option in the promotions section in the Windows Store. Once this has been selected Microsoft handles all the background work required to enable the three minute trial.

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