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187,000 Apps May Not Work on iOS 11

187,000 Apps May Not Work on iOS 11
Removing support for 32-bit apps would render almost 10% of Apple's App Store obsolete at a stroke.

(CCM) — Almost one in ten apps in Apple's App Store could be rendered unusable when iOS 11 is launched later this year, according to a Tech Times report. Approximately 187,000 apps, or about 8% of the total, could be effected by a change that will see older 32-bit apps banished from the Apple ecosystem. Apple required all new apps from February 2015 to offer 64-bit support, and recently iOS started to display a message when 32-bit apps are run warning that they might slow down the device. But in iOS 10.3 beta Apple has included a message that warns that 32-bit apps "will not work with future versions of iOS."

Apple has not confirmed that 32-bit app support will be removed from iOS 11, but given the warning in the 10.3 beta it seems likely that this will be the case. If so it will not be the first time that Apple has implemented a clear-out of older apps from its store. Recently the company purged the store of apps that were out-of-date or no longer worked. Sensor Tower, an app analytics firm, believes that over 45,000 apps were removed in October of last year.

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