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Alexa Joins Siri on Apple's iPhone

Alexa Joins Siri on Apple's iPhone
Amazon is bringing its Alexa intelligent assistant to the iPhone, but Siri looks secure for now.

(CCM) — Amazon is challenging Siri on its home turf by introducing its Alexa intelligent assistant onto Apple's iPhone through the main Amazon shopping app, according to a CNBC report. iPhone users will have to tap the microphone icon at the top of the Amazon app to activate Alexa. After which they will be able to ask it to add items to the Amazon shopping basket, play music through the Amazon Prime music service, or ask Alexa to do anything that is possible through Amazon's Echo devices.

But users will not be able to use Alexa as a full replacement for Siri. That's because Siri is built in to Apple's iOS operating system and can carry out operating system tasks, such as launching applications, that Alexa can not. It is also not possible to invoke Alexa without launching the Amazon app, while users can use Siri simply by saying: "Hey Siri." Alexa will start appearing in the Amazon iPhone app from today and should be available to all users by next week, the company says. Amazon announced earlier this year that Alexa would be built in to Huawei's Mate 9 smartphone as well as other products such as cars and televisions.

Image: © Eric Broder Van Dyke - Shutterstock.com
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