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Google Makes Web Images 35% Smaller

Paul Rubens - March 17, 2017 - 09:27 AM
Google Makes Web Images 35% Smaller
Google's new open source compression technology will make web pages load faster and consume less data.

(CCM) — Google scientists have developed a new way to compress JPEG images which makes them 35% smaller than is possible using existing compression methods, the company has announced on its Research Blog. Smaller images enable webmasters to create web pages that load faster and use less data than web pages with larger images. The new compression algorithm, called Guetzli, can also create images that are higher quality than existing compression algorithms for a given file size, the company said. Guetzli is the Swiss German word for "cookie," and the Guetzli project was led by Google Research's Zurich office in Switzerland.

The company pointed out that the new compression system still adheres to the JPEG standard, and therefore the images that it produces are fully compatible with existing web browsers and image processing application such as Adobe PhotoShop. That means they can be used without requiring any changes to existing software. But it warned that while Guetzli can create images with smaller file sizes, the tradeoff is that it takes significantly longer to create compressed images than it does with existing compression methods. Google has made Guetzli open source, so it will be available for anyone to use and improve.

Image: © tanuha2001 - Shutterstock.com
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