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Super Mario Walks onto Android

Super Mario Walks onto Android
Three months after its release on iOS, Nintendo's Super Mario Run gets a March Android release date.

(CCM) — Super Mario will finally arrive on the Android platform later this month as Nintendo belatedly launches its Super Mario Run game on the mobile operating system. The Japanese company released Super Mario Run on Apple's iOS in December, so Mario fans with Android devices have been kept waiting three months for the little plumber. Nintendo announced in a Tweet (in Japanese) that the game will be released in March, and invited Mario fans to pre-register on Google Play to receive a notification when it finally launches.

Super Mario Run has met with mixed success since its launch on iOS. The game was downloaded about 10 million times on its first day of release, but despite this huge initial interest it is thought that fewer than 5% of downloaders paid the $10 to go beyond the free trial levels, disappointing both Nintendo and its investors. It is not known whether Nintendo intends to change the pricing structure for the Android version of the game to encourage more people to pay. The company has so far failed to release any further levels for the iOS game, which suggests that Nintendo sees little prospect of making significant money from the game.

Image: © Barone Firenze - Shutterstock.com


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