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Facebook Messenger Gets Feature Boost

Paul Rubens - March 24, 2017 - 08:37 AM
Facebook Messenger Gets Feature Boost
Facebook has beefed up its Messenger app with two new group conversation features.

(CCM) — Facebook has given its Messenger app a feature injection with the introduction of two new ways to make group conversations more fun: "Reactions" and "Mentions." "Reactions" provide a way for users to react to an individual message with a specific emotion expressed as an emoji. "For example, if someone messages a photo of their cute pet, you could respond with the love reaction," explained Drew Moxon, Product Manager for Messenger. Users can add a reaction by pressing and holding any message, then tapping to make a selection from the love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no emoji.

The "Mentions" feature mimics a similar feature in Twitter: to mention someone in a Messenger conversation users can now type the "@" symbol followed by their name or nickname. When the message is sent, it will appear with highlighted text for the others in the group to see. The person who is mentioned will receive a new kind of notification to tell them that they have been called out in a conversation, and to enable them to jump back into the conversation to respond. Both new features have begun rolling out and will be available around the world in the coming days. Reactions and Mentions will also be available for Work Chat in Workplace, Facebook's business communications platform.

Image: © Jakraphong Photography - Shutterstock.com
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