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Google Duo Now Offers Voice-Only Calls

Paul Rubens - March 27, 2017 - 11:34 AM
Google Duo Now Offers Voice-Only Calls
Google has announced updates to Duo and two other mobile apps.

(CCM) — Google has made a concession to bandwidth-strapped users of its Duo video calling app by introducing the option to make voice-only calls. Video calls using Duo are almost unusable when one party lacks high-speed internet connectivity. However, Mario Queiroz, a Google vice president, says, "Duo audio calls work well on all connection speeds and won't eat up your data." Voice-only calls will be available today starting in Brazil — rolling out to users around the world in the coming days.

Google is also updating its Allo messaging app by introducing the ability to share documents in group chats in the Android version of the app. From today, Allo users will be able to share documents and other files in .pdf, .doc, .apk, .zip, and .mp3 formats with other users. The company is also rolling out its "Smart Smiley" feature with support for Portuguese. This uses machine learning to help users find appropriate emoji and stickers based on the contents of their messages. The company also introduced a new feature to the Android version of its Photos app that enables "lightweight preview quality" backups of photos to be made from a phone over a data connection. Once a WiFi connection becomes available, these backups will be replaced with high-quality versions.

Image: © dennizn - Shutterstock.com
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