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Tesla Boss Developing Cyborg Technology

Tesla Boss Developing Cyborg Technology
Elon Musk's latest company is working on brain implants that interface directly with computers.

(CCM) — Tesla Chief Executive, Elon Musk, is aiming to develop technology to plug artificial intelligence systems directly into human brains. His latest start-up, called Neuralink, will work on the development of a "neural lace" of tiny electrodes which can be implanted in the brain to improve memory or provide information downloaded from computers, according to a BBC report. The company is in its very early stages and is registered as a "medical research" firm, according to the report. The project may sound more like science-fiction than fact, but Musk confirmed the existence of the company in a tweet. And according to the Wall Street Journal, the company has recruited some leading academics in the field. The term "neural lace" was first used in the science-fiction books of Scottish author Iain M Banks. Almost two years ago scientists in the U.S. and China claimed to have developed an ultra-fine electronic mesh that can merge into the brains of mice.

In addition to his role at Tesla, Musk is also involved in SpaceX, a space exploration company; Hyperloop, a high-speed transportation project dedicated to building a supersonic electric aircraft called the Musk electric jet; and a project to provide battery power to Australia.

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