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Twitter Drops Mentions from Tweet Limit

Twitter Drops Mentions from Tweet Limit
Twitter users now have more space in tweets to participate in conversations, thanks to a change to the character limit.

(CCM) — Twitter now exempts usernames from its 140-character tweet limit in replies to conversations, the company announced in a blog post. Starting today, the person or people who are being replied to will appear above the tweet text rather than within it. Now users have more characters at their disposal for their replies. That means the tweets will now contain more of what is being said, rather than a potentially long list of usernames at the start of a tweet. Users can now tap on a "Replying to…" field to see and control who is part of the conversation. "With all 140 characters for your replies, you have more room to participate in group conversations," said Sasank Reddy, a Twitter product manager. "In our tests of this new experience, we found that people engage more with conversations on Twitter," he added.

Before the change, conversations on Twitter often turned in to what became known as "Twitter canoes," where the increasing number of usernames included in the tweet left little or no space left for actual conversation. This in turn could lead to "tweetstorms," where users spread a message over a series of tweets to get around the space limitation.

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