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Spotify Stops Release Date Song Access

Spotify Stops Release Date Song Access
Users of Spotify's free service will have to wait two weeks before they can listen to some new albums.

(CCM) — Spotify is abandoning its policy of offering new albums to users of its free service at the same as to paying subscribers, according to a report in Billboard. Instead, it is planning to offer new albums by Universal Music Group (UMG) artists exclusively to paid users for a two-week windowing period following their release date. The new policy was agreed upon as part of a new multi-year license agreement with UMG, announced today. Spotify has not announced any similar licensing deals with the other major labels.

Of all the main streaming services, such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Tidal, Spotify is the only one to offer a free version of its service. Adopting "windowing" in this way adds a major incentive for free users of Spotify to upgrade to a paid subscription. However, there is a risk that some users will simply turn to services like YouTube, or even to piracy, in order to access the new albums as soon as they are released. Spotify is believed to have about 50 million paying subscribers worldwide, more than twice the number of Apple Music subscribers.

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