Windows 10 Creators Update Is Here

Windows 10 Creators Update Is Here
Microsoft has made the latest update to Windows 10 available one week before the official release date.

(CCM) — Microsoft has launched the latest salvo in its battle to boost Windows 10 adoption by making Windows 10 Creators. The update is available to download today. The operating system update is the latest since last summer's Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Although the official release date is Apr. 11, 2017, Microsoft is making it available for "advanced users" to download and install one week early.

Users who are running last year's Anniversary Update can get the Creators Update by downloading and running the Windows 10 Update Assistant, which will carry out the upgrade. Users who choose not to download the Update Assistant will receive the Creators Update automatically through Windows Update at some point after the Apr. 11, 2017 release date.

Microsoft appears to have used the word "Creators" in the name of the update to attract Apple Macintosh users who may be considering switching away from Apple's computer ecosystem. The Creators Update brings a variety of new features to the Windows 10 operating system including: a better organized Start button, which enables users to group application tiles into folders; a "game mode," which dedicates computing resources to running games to ensure that they run well; a new version of Microsoft Paint called Paint 3D; a beefed-up Cortana intelligent assistant; and the ability to stream some Netflix content at 4K through Microsoft's Edge browser.

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