Xbox Scorpio's Monster Specs Revealed

Xbox Scorpio's Monster Specs Revealed
The next Xbox will be far more powerful than any game console yet released, offering 4K output at 60 fps.

(CCM) — Microsoft is planning to blow the game console market apart with a new Xbox, which is far more powerful than anything available today, according to a new report. Specifications shown to Digital Foundry, a European games site, reveal that the new console, code-named Project Scorpio will be capable of six teraflops — or six million mathematical calculations per second — using a custom GPU that has been specially designed for modern game engines. It will also be equipped with a custom 8-core CPU and 12 GB of RAM.

In terms of video performance, the Scorpio will be capable of 4K output at 60 frames per second, which should enable smooth ultra-high-definition game footage, while the processing power means that older Xbox One and Xbox 360 games will get a noticeable performance boost without any modification. Like the Xbox One, the Xbox Scorpio will have an HDMI port at the back and will sport an integrated Blu-ray optical drive.

The entire unit will come in a compact package, with an integrated power supply and advanced vapor-chamber cooling similar to the type found in top-of-the-range graphics cards, such as the GTX 1080. The final shape of the console will be revealed in June, Microsoft says. So far the company has not given an indication of the final price.

Image: © Microsoft.