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Minecraft Gets Community Marketplace

Zara Ali - April 11, 2017 - 08:47 AM
Minecraft Gets Community Marketplace
The new Marketplace will boost earnings for Minecraft fan creators.

(CCM) — Microsoft is introducing a new Marketplace for Minecraft, along with its own currency. The new Marketplace will allow businesses and fan creators to sell original content to players of the Pocket Edition for Android, Window 10, and other gaming platforms. In a blog post, Microsoft wrote that the new addition will arrive in Spring and will be clubbed with "amazing adventure maps, texture packs, and minigames."

All the new goodies will be up for a one-time purchase from the Marketplace. Then, players will be able to access them via all connected devices by logging in to their Minecraft account. In a statement, Microsoft announced: "Unlock new avatar skins, change your world, or explore incredible new maps from a community with unlimited imagination."

Microsoft will be sharing a maximum profit share with creators—whatever is left after a 30% allocation to app stores. The company wants to support creators by opening the new Marketplace. It will feature a new in-game currency dubbed Minecraft Coins that will be a part of in-app purchases. After buying coins, players will be able to use them to buy other in-game goodies.

The first public beta of Marketplace will be launched for Android in mid-April 2017. Creators will be able to list their content later on this spring.

Image: © Oleg Doroshin - Shutterstock.com
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