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Facebook Messenger Gets Group Payments

Zara Ali - April 12, 2017 - 12:20 PM
Facebook Messenger Gets Group Payments
Messenger now allows users to send and request money in group conversations.

(CCM) — Facebook Messenger's latest update brings a new feature dubbed Group Payments. It allows users to send and receive payments in a group on the Facebook Messenger app for Android and desktop. The company has not yet released the update for iOS.

The new feature also allows users to split bills among a group. To request money, users select the "Request Details" option. When requesting money, users must enter an amount. This amount is automatically and evenly divided among the group members. Payment recipients can request to be notified as payments are processed. To get started, users have to select the "plus" sign located at the bottom of a messenger and then click on the "$" icon to initiate a payment.

The Group Payments feature on Facebook Messenger also allows users to keep track of payment requests and transfers. Group members receive a message whenever someone pays the requested amount. Payment details can also be viewed on full-screen by selecting the option "Request Details."

For now, the update is rolling out for Android and desktop users in the US only. Facebook confirms that it will soon bring the feature to iOS devices and to other regions outside the US.

Image: © Facebook
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