Google to Unveil New Google Earth

Google to Unveil New Google Earth
Google Earth’s revamped version is getting better virtual features.

(CCM) — Google is upgrading Google Earth by adding a new feature that allows you virtually "walk" through the streets. Google is unveiling the revamped version of the service on April 18, 2017 and has already started sending media invites.

Even the current version of Google Earth offers features like Google Street Level, which allows users to navigate through foreign lands, and also fly through virtual 3D models of major cities. It also has a Maps Gallery feature, which provides a real-time view of earthquakes, hiking trails, and airplanes in flight.

Google Earth's upcoming virtual walk feature is not entirely new. In November, Google Earth VR debuted and is presently available on Steam for the HTC Vive. Earth VR allows users to experience virtual work around remote cities from the comfort of their home. It also lets users virtually "fly" over famous locations.

Another fact about the Google Earth app is that it was launched as EarthViewer 3D, in 2001. It was developed by a third-party company called Keyhold, which was funded by the CIA. The app was later acquired by Google in 2004 and was renamed Google Earth in 2005.

Google might also bring other features to the Google Earth app. We will find out more on April 18, 2017.

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