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iPhone 8 May Ditch Touch ID

iPhone 8 May Ditch Touch ID
The iPhone 8's new design is still causing Apple technical difficulties with Touch ID, according to a report.

(CCM) — Apple may be forced to drop its Touch ID fingerprint reading technology from the iPhone 8 due to technical difficulties getting it to work with the new model, according to a Tech Times report. The problems stem from the fact that Apple wants the iPhone 8 to have a near bezel-less front. This means that the iconic iPhone "home" button, which incorporates Touch ID technology, will be removed from the new iPhone. Apple has been working on a fingerprint sensor relocated beneath the glass display, but the company has struggled to make the system work, according to the report. It describes the integration of Touch ID underneath the glass display as the "biggest bottleneck" in the iPhone 8 production process.

If Apple is unable to solve the Touch ID problem, then it will be left with two stark choices: leave Touch ID out of the new phone, or delay the release until it is confident that the problem has been solved. The first option would cause Apple even more problems as Touch ID is a core feature its phones, which is used to unlock devices, log in to apps and cloud-based services, and authenticate Apple Pay transactions.

Image: © Apple.
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