Google Earth Update Offers Guided Tours

Google Earth Update Offers Guided Tours
Google has teamed up with the BBC and others to offer tours of exotic locations.

(CCM) — Google is showcasing some of the most spectacular places in the world with a new version of Google Earth. The company has joined up with some of the world's leading storytellers, scientists, and nonprofits to introduce "Voyager" — a new Google Earth feature that provides guided tours of beautiful parts of the globe.

"Voyager" offers tours around six habitats. The feature takes users from mountains to jungles, in partnership with BBC Earth, offering a glance at Gombe National Park in Tanzania to hear from Jane Goodal about her team's chimpanzee research and conservation efforts or a glimpse of modern Mayan cultures. In total, there are more than 50 immersive stories in "Voyager" today, and new ones will be added every week.

Google Earth now also features an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search button to find interesting and unexpected places and a new 3D button which allows users to view these locations from different angles and vantage points. 3D imagery has been improved by using photographs taken from planes equipped with multiple cameras that shoot the world beneath from different angles rather than satellite imagery. Google has curated over 20,000 interesting places, and each has an accompanying "knowledge card" which provides background information about the location.

The new Google Earth is available today on the web and as an Android app.

Image: © Google.