Facebook Plans Mind Reading Technology

Facebook Plans Mind Reading Technology
Facebook's secretive Building 8 research laboratory is developing technology to type thoughts at 100 wpm.

(CCM) — Facebook is working on a brain interface that will enable users to type words just by thinking, a company executive has announced. Regina Dugan, Facebook's vice president of engineering and a leader of its secretive Building 8 research laboratory, said in a blog post that the company is developing a silent speech interface which combines the convenience of voice and the privacy of text. "Over the next 2 years, we will be building systems that demonstrate the capability to type at 100 wpm by decoding neural activity devoted to speech," she said in the blog post.

Dugan stressed that the technology would only be able to detect and print out thoughts that a user wanted it to and would be unable to pick up random thoughts that entered a user's mind. "Just as you take many photos and decide to share some of them, so too you have many thoughts and decide to share some of them in the form of the spoken word. It is these words, words that you have already decided to send to the speech center of your brain, that we seek to turn into text."

She added that the system would be non-invasive and would not require the implant of an electrode or other device into a user's brain. Dugan also hinted that the technology might one day be used as a speech prosthetic for people with communications disorders, as well as a new way to communicate with augmented reality systems.

Image: © Lukasz Stefanski - Shutterstock.com