Google Chrome Will Start Blocking Ads

Google Chrome Will Start Blocking Ads
Google is planning to block sites that display poor quality ads to curb the rise of ad-blocking software.

(CCM) — Google plans to introduce ad-blocking technology to the mobile and desktop versions of its Chrome web browser, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The move is surprising, given that Google generates most of its revenue from advertising. Last year the company made over $60 billion from online advertising. The technology will filter out "unacceptable" advertisements, as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads. The industry group released a list of advertising standards in March, which categorized pop-up ads, auto-playing video ads with sound, and "prestitial" ads as "beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability."

Google is considering blocking all ads that appear on a site that contains any "unacceptable" ads, so a single offending ad would prevent any other legitimate ads from appearing in Chrome. That could be significant to site owners because Chrome accounts for almost 50% of web browser usage in the U.S. Therefore, such a move would have a major effect on the advertising revenues of offending sites and would be likely to ensure that the majority of advertisements comply with the Coalition for Better Ads' standards very quickly.

It is thought that Google is keen to see an improvement in the quality of web ads. in general, the company aims to reduce demand for third-party ad blocking software, such as the popular Adblock Plus, which Google has no control over and which could threaten Google's advertising revenue streams in the future.

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