Amazon Readies Touchscreen Echo Device

Amazon Readies Touchscreen Echo Device
Leaked photos suggest that a new Echo device with a built-in camera and touchscreen will be announced imminently.

(CCM) — Amazon may be about to announce a new Amazon Echo device which incorporates a color touchscreen and a built-in camera, according to a Tech Times report. The device would be a direct competitor to a rumored Apple connected speaker, which is also expected to include a screen. Amazon's device is expected to offer a seven-inch display and to be powered by Amazon's FireOS.

Leaked images of the new device, codenamed "Knight," show a wedge-shaped product with the screen in the upper half and a speaker inthe lower half. The camera is positioned in the bezel above the screen. "Knight" would be the second Echo device to include a camera, following the launch of Amazon's Echo Look in April. A chat icon displayed on the screen of the new device, found in one of the leaked photographs, suggests that it may feature messaging capabilities, perhaps making use of the camera to enable video-calling.

A report by the research firm eMarketer has revealed that Amazon dominates the connected speaker market with a market share of over 70%. Google's Home device commands a market share of just 24%. However, the market is expected to grow strongly, with eMarketer predicting that the number of users of connected speaker devices will double this year to more than 35 million.

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