BlackBerry Clears Deck for KeyOne Launch

BlackBerry Clears Deck for KeyOne Launch
BlackBerry has scrapped its older phones in preparation for what may be the very last BlackBerry smartphone.

(CCM) — Blackberry has finally pulled the plug on its Priv, Passport, and Classic smartphones, which are no longer available from its U.S. and Canadian online stores. The move comes in preparation for the launch of its KeyOne handset, which features a physical keyboard and runs Android 7.1. The Priv, launched just 18 months ago, was the company's first foray into Android-powered phones, while the Passport and Classic ran Blackberry's now defunct BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Blackberry is still offering its DTEK50 and DTEK60 Android-powered handsets for sale, although demand for the two devices is low. The company has slashed their prices to $299 and $460, respectively, as part of a campaign to clear stock, so it is likely that the KeyOne will be the only BlackBerry handset on sale in the near future.

BlackBerry's decline in the smartphone market has been swift. In 2009, the company commanded 25% of the smartphone market, second only to Nokia. Today that share has fallen to a fraction of a percentage point. The company now focusses on software, while the BlackBerry branded KeyOne will be manufactured by China-based TCL.

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