New Phone Batteries Charge in 5 Minutes

New Phone Batteries Charge in 5 Minutes
An Israeli start-up expects to start mass producing its fast-charging batteries early next year.

(CCM) — Revolutionary smartphone batteries that can be charged in just five minutes could be on the market as early as next year, according to a BBC report. The new batteries contain materials that allow chemical reactions that are different from those that take place in conventional smartphone batteries. These allow the fast transfer of ions from anode to cathode – the chemical process that takes place when a battery is charged. The batteries are built using nanomaterials which have extremely small structures and various organic compounds.

StoreDot, the Israeli start-up that has developed the technology, expects the new batteries to go into production in early 2018. But Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot's chief executive, declined to reveal which smartphone manufacturers were planning to use the technology in the BBC report. However, he added that the batteries were in pilot production with two Asian battery makers.

StoreDot has also unveiled a larger battery for electric cars, which can also be charged in just five minutes, providing a range of 300 miles. This is in the early stages of development and will not be available in cars for at least three years, according to Myersdorf. Tesla's Supercharger technology, by way of contrast, needs 75 minutes to fully charge one of its cars' batteries. A 30-minute charge would only provide a range of 170 miles.

Image: © iStock.