Microsoft Unveils Low-Cost VR Systems

Microsoft Unveils Low-Cost VR Systems
Microsoft's Holographic VR headset and controller bundles cost less than a mid-range smartphone.

(CCM) — Microsoft is hoping to kick-start the adoption of mixed reality — a combination of virtual reality and augmented reality that Microsoft is marketing as Windows Holographic — with the announcement of two bundles. These include a low-cost headset from Acer or HP, along with a pair of new Microsoft VR motion controllers. The first bundle, which will be available this fall, includes an Acer headset along with the controllers and will be priced at $399.

Both the Acer and HP headsets have identical specs: a pair of 1440 x 1440 eye panels, 90 Hz refresh rate, an HDMI/USB 3.0 combo plug via 4m cable, and an "inside-out" tracking system (which uses a camera in the headset.)

Microsoft has also announced that "developer kit" versions of both HP's and Acer's Windows Holographic headsets are available to pre-order in the Microsoft Store for $329.99 and $299.99, respectively. These kits do not include the new Microsoft controllers.

The kits are likely to sell well, given that these Microsoft Hologrpahic bundles are priced relatively cheaply — at about the same cost as a mid-range smartphone and the tool does not require extra cameras or sensors, and especially because they have been designed to work with low-spec Windows PCs.

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