Apple Plans to Ax iPad Mini Line

Apple Plans to Ax iPad Mini Line
Low demand for the iPad Mini means the product's days are numbered, according to a report.

(CCM) — Apple is planning to ditch its iPad Mini in the near future due to lack of interest from consumers, according to a Motley Fool report. The rumor makes sense because iPad shipments have been in freefall recently, plummeting 13% last quarter compared to the previous year. However, sales of larger iPads have actually been growing, Luca Maestri, Apple's chief financial officer, said in a recent conference call. That means that the falling sales are due to extremely poor iPad Mini sales, rather than poor sales of the whole iPad product line.

Given the rapidly diminishing iPad Mini sales, it seems prudent for Apple to ax the product from its lineup. That is because continuing it involves tying up engineers and managers that could otherwise be working on products with more growth potential, such as the Mac, the Apple Watch, the iPhone, or even a completely new product category. Further, it may not impact overall sales significantly because many potential iPad Mini purchasers would stay in the Apple ecosystem and buy a larger iPad model instead.

The iPad Mini could disappear from Apple's product line within a year, the report concludes. It was launched in November 2012, meaning it may be discontinued less than six years after its first appearance.

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