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Google Blocks Project Fi Pixel Phones

Zara Ali - May 26, 2017 - 05:17 AM
Google Blocks Project Fi Pixel Phones
The company is blocking devices that were bought from Project Fi and then sold to other retailers for profit.

(CCM) — Google is reportedly blacklisting Pixel and Pixel XL devices purchased from Project Fi. The company is blocking the devices using IMEI numbers as a result of breaching the terms of service.

A user named Kyle shared how his Pixel phone got blacklisted by Google, which he had bought from Swappa. Apparently, the device was first purchased by someone through Project Fi and was later sold to Swappa in New Hampshire for profit. After contacting his carrier, T-Mobile, Kyle was informed that Google had blocked his phone and reported it stolen.

Since the launch of the the Google Pixel, the phone has become an overnight success, which has lead to shortages. Many buyers took advantage of it and bought it via Project Fi with Google their account. They later sold it to buy-and-sell retailers like Swappa, for profit. However, Google considers this practice illegal.

Following Google's blacklist, there are many users like Kyle who are facing this issue. Google reached out to clarify that the devices are deactivated due to a mismatch of Google accounts registered on Project Fi when purchased and the Google accounts that are currently under use on affected devices.

It looks like Google might show some leniency in this case, as the owners of affected devices can't be blamed for poor trade practices.

Image: © Google.
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