Nest's Security Cam Recognizes Intruders

Nest's Security Cam Recognizes Intruders
The Nest Cam IQ uses facial recognition technology to spot unwelcome visitors.

(CCM) — Nest has taken the wraps off a $299 smart security camera that uses facial recognition technology to tell the difference between family members, the family dog or cat, and burglars. The Nest Cam IQ can be set to monitor a room and send an alert to the owner if an intruder enters. The camera can then stream high definition video to the owner's smartphone, tracking the intruder around the room. Rather than alerting the intruder by moving the camera, the device remains motionless but uses digital zooming to follow them within a 130-degree angle.

The device's camera includes an 8 megapixel 4K color sensor with 12X digital zoom, capable of capturing 1080p video at 30 frames per second.

The Nest Cam IQ also features a speaker and microphone, making it possible to have a conversation with children when they come home from school, to pacify the dog if it starts barking when left alone, or to warn an intruder that they should leave immediately.

To use the facial recognition technology, it is necessary to subscribe to Nest's Aware service which costs $100 for a year or $10 for a single month, making it feasible to subscribe only when the owner goes away on vacation. The subscription also includes uploading video footage to the cloud, so in the case of a break-in it may provide evidence that can be used by the police.

Image: © Nest.