Plan to Buy Stolen Hack Tools Scrapped

Plan to Buy Stolen Hack Tools Scrapped
A crowd-funding campaign to buy security vulnerabilities from a shadowy hacking group has been canceled.

(CCM) — Two security researchers who started a crowd-funding campaign to buy software vulnerabilities from a hacker group have decided to abandon the project, according to a BBC report. The Shadow Brokers hacking group are believed to have stolen hacking tools from the National Security Agency (NSA) and sold some of them to other hackers. One of these tools was used to propagate the WannaCry ransomware that recently impacted thousands of organizations around the world.

The security researchers had planned to buy some of the other hacking tools that the Shadow Brokers claim to have and are offering to sell for about $22,000. They then intended to provide fixes to the software vulnerabilities that the tools exploit, so that they could not be used maliciously in the future.

However, the plan faced criticism from other researchers in the security community who believed that buying the hacking tools would be rewarding criminals. Ultimately, it was worries over the legal implications of paying for the hacking tools that caused the plan to be abandoned, according to the report.

Dealing with the Shadow Brokers group was likely to be a risky prospect in any case because they had not specified what is offered for the $22,000 fee, or whether the buyer would receive anything at all.

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