Google Home in Service Meltdown

Google Home in Service Meltdown
Some Google Home owners are reporting that their devices have not been working for as long as one week.

(CCM) — Google Home has suffered a catastrophic outage over the last week, leaving many owners of the intelligent speakers unable to use them, to access information, or to stream music, according to a BGR report. When owners try to interact with their Google Home devices, they are faced with a message telling them that: "there was a glitch, try again," or similar, according to the report. Complaints about the outage began on May 31, 2017, but Google has apparently been unable to fix the issue. In response, a Google Home representative called Paula wrote on the Google Home Help Forum: "Please bear with us while we continue to work on this."

The issue only appears to affect Google's Home speaker, because the company's Assistant is working as normal on smartphones and other devices running the Assistant app.

The product was launched in the U.S. six months ago and is a response to the success of Amazon's range of Echo products featuring its Alexa intelligent assistant. Although it met with a lukewarm response upon its release, Google has recently updated Home's capabilities to include hands-free phone calling within the United States and Canada.

Apple is also believed to be planning a competing product featuring its Siri intelligent assistant.

Image: © Google.