HP Unveils Omen Graphics Accelerator

HP Unveils Omen Graphics Accelerator
The Omen Accelerator runs graphics-intensive games on low-end laptops.

(CCM) — HP's new Omen Accelerator promises to transform ultrabooks, and even the most entry-level laptops, into powerful gaming rigs capable of playing the most graphics-intensive games like Mass Effect: Andromeda. The external graphics accelerator can play host to almost any AMD or NVidia desktop GPU, and when connected to a laptop through the Thunderbolt 3 port, it will bypass the laptop's own integrated graphics chip or graphics card — taking over all graphics processing duties. This will enable the laptop to play games that it could previously not handle, at up to 60 frames per second.

The Omen Accelerator can host an SSD drive of up to 256 GB internally and an external hard drive of up to 1 TB.

The device can be used with any HP laptop with a Thunderbolt port, but the company does not guarantee compatibility with third party laptops. This is due to the variation in the way that Thunderbolt is implemented by some manufacturers.

The Omen Accelerator will be available in August 2017. Priced at $299, it compares favorably with competing products, such as Razer's $499 Core graphics card enclosure.

Image: © HP.