Microsoft Accused of Underhand Tactics

Microsoft Accused of Underhand Tactics
Kaspersky Lab says Microsoft is making it hard for Windows 10 users to choose third party security software.

(CCM) — The chief executive of anti-virus maker Kaspersky Lab has accused Microsoft of "underhand" tactics in an attempt to prevent users from running non-Microsoft security software. Eugene Kaspersky said in a blog post yesterday that the company has now filed a complaint with the European Commission and the powerful German Federal Cartel Office.

Kaspersky claims that Microsoft makes it hard for anti-virus companies to tell users when their anti-virus software licenses have expired and protection is turned off. "We are forbidden – through our own notification system – from informing the user that it might be a good idea to extend the license so that protection could get back up and running," Kaspersky said. "Instead of that, we’re obliged to use Microsoft’s own notification system – now called ‘Action Center’ – to which many users pay little attention."

He also claims that during upgrades to Windows 10, Microsoft disables third party anti-virus solutions and activates Microsoft's own Windows Defender while making it appear that the original anti-virus software is still running. He also claimed that Microsoft gave anti-virus vendors insufficient time to ensure that their products are compatible with updates to Windows.

"It’s plain as day for us that all the measures are taken deliberately to push its own solution, and by doing so impeding users from being able to make their own informed decisions regarding AV," Kaspersky said.

He added that Microsoft's actions are dangerous because they make life easier for cyber-criminals who "love nothing more than to be able to concentrate on trying to out-smart the single security solution of a monopolist."

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