Microsoft Unites Minecraft Worlds

Microsoft Unites Minecraft Worlds
A major update to Minecraft will allow players on different platforms to interact with each other.

(CCM) — Microsoft is planning a tectonic shift in the Minecraft world by bringing most of the separate versions of the game running on different platforms together, the company has announced. At the moment, there is the original PC desktop version that first received the new features, a separate version developed in another language for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 PCs, and additional versions for game consoles such as Microsoft's Xbox One and Nintendo's Switch. Each version has different features, and players of one version have no way of interacting with or visiting the creations of users of other versions.

With the new "Better Together Update," the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, mobile, Windows 10, and Virtual Reality versions of Minecraft will all be based on what Microsoft is calling the "bedrock engine" — the C++ development language. The update is expected later this summer.

As a result, players of all these versions will be able to interact with each other in a shared Minecraft world. A side effect of the change is that the console versions of the game will no longer be limited to a maximum size of 5,120 by 5,120 blocks. The Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 4 versions of the game will not be moved to the new bedrock engine.

Microsoft acquired Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, for $2.5 billion in 2014.

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