Spider-Man and VR Games Coming to PS4

Spider-Man and VR Games Coming to PS4
Sony has teased virtual reality titles and a new Spider-Man adventure for its PS4 console at E3.

(CCM) — Sony has offered tantalizing glimpses of a raft of new virtual reality games for its PS4 games console ahead of the E3 games show in Los Angeles. The move is in stark contrast to Microsoft's unveiling of its new Xbox One X console, during which mention of virtual reality games were glaringly absent.

Sony showed off a new Skyrim virtual reality adventure, a new horror VR game called The Inpatient, as well as a virtual reality fishing simulator for Final Fantasy – Monster of the Deep. "You could say that they're using VR as a differentiating factor," Brian Blau, a games analyst at Gartner, said in a BBC report. "VR experiences on PlayStation are pretty good," he added.

Sony also announced that a Spider-Man game would be released in 2018, exclusively on PlayStation to keep the pressure on Microsoft in the battle for console dominance.

Over the last two years Sony has sold an estimated 60 million PS4 consoles, compared to about 26 million Xbox One units. Sony also revealed last week that the company had sold over one million PSVR headsets, indicating that there is also a large potential market for its virtual reality titles.

Image: © Sony.