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Virgin to Become iPhone-Only Carrier

Virgin to Become iPhone-Only Carrier
Customers purchasing a new iPhone will get unlimited voice, text, and data for $1 on Virgin's Inner Circle Plan.

(CCM) — Virgin Mobile USA is set to become the U.S.'s first and only iPhone-only carrier, following a deal which will also see Apple activating Virgin's services in its stores. To kick-start the change, Virgin has launched a new promotion offering unlimited talk, text, and data on its Inner Circle plan for $1. Sales of Android devices will be phased out by network in the coming months.

To qualify for the promotion, which runs until July 31, 2017, users have to buy an iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, or 7 Plus from Virgin or Apple and port the phone number over to the Inner Circle plan. After July 31, 2017, the promotion will be modified to offer six months' service for $1. When the $1 promotion period finishes, users will pay $50 per month for the Inner Circle plan.

Like Sprint's recently announced free unlimited data promotion, Virgin's promotion comes with a number of limitations. Customers who use more than 23 GB of data in one month may see their data connection throttled, and Virgin has the right to terminate the service if off-network roaming exceeds either 800 voice minutes or 100 MB. Virgin's service runs on Sprint's network.

The Inner Circle plan also comes with a number of Virgin-related perks, such as discounted flights to the U.K. on Virgin Atlantic and free nights at Virgin Hotels.

Image: © Virgin Mobile USA.
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