Messenger Chats Get Fun Injection

Messenger Chats Get Fun Injection
Facebook has introduced new emoji and masks to liven up video chats on Messenger.

(CCM) — Facebook has injected a raft of new features into Messenger, and their only purpose is to make video chatting more fun, Nora Micheva, Messenger's product manager, announced in a blog post.

The first addition is a range of five Messenger emoji that are designed "to amplify your emotions and express love, laughter, surprise, sadness, or anger." These dynamic effects will animate onto the screen and then disappear — tapping on the sadness icon when a face is on screen will result in a shower of teardrops appearing for a few moments, for example. Some effects have different versions depending on whether the user's face is on or off screen.

Another addition is the introduction of new video filters, which range from subtle lighting tweaks to bold color changes — like black and white, or red and yellow.

Messenger now also offers new video masks, some of which have hidden effects, like reacting to your facial movements. Facebook has also added animated effects, like falling hearts and twinkling stars. Unlike reactions, masks and effects stay on the screen for the duration of the video chat (unless switched off).

Finally, Messenger now makes it easy to take screen shots of video chats using any of the new features by tapping on the camera icon. Screen shots are then saved to the camera roll for later viewing or posting on social media.

Image: © Facebook.