OnePlus 5 Is Speedier Than iPhone 7 Plus

OnePlus 5 Is Speedier Than iPhone 7 Plus
OnePlus' newest handset has beaten Apple's iPhone 7 Plus in the PhoneBuff speed test.

(CCM) — OnePlus' new flagship Android smartphone has bested the iPhone 7 Plus in a speedtest, Business Insider is reporting. The OnePlus 5 was released on Tuesday and was pitted against the top-of-the-line iOS device by David Rahimi, a phone enthusiast who has become famous for his YouTube smartphone speed comparison videos using the name PhoneBuff.

The showdown between Apple and OnePlus was made up of two parts, according to the report. In the first round, both phones were made to open 16 apps, four of which were games. In the second round, the two handsets were made to perform tasks such as exporting a file and loading a video.

The OnePlus 5 completed the two rounds seven seconds before the iPhone 7 Plus, largely thanks to its 8 GB of RAM, which allowed it to keep more apps open in the background, and its impressive performance optimization, Business Insider said. By comparison, the iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with just 3 GB of RAM.

The OnePlus 5 is the first Android phone to beat an iOS device in one of PhoneBuff's tests since the iPhone 6S was released in 2015.

Image: © OnePlus.