Galaxy Note7 Rises From the Ashes

Galaxy Note7 Rises From the Ashes
Samsung plans to reuse parts from recalled Galaxy Note7 handsets to make new phones with smaller batteries.

(CCM) — Samsung's ill-fated Galaxy Note7 is to be given a second chance and will be re-released with a smaller battery as the Note Fan Edition, according to a BBC report. The company was forced to abandon production of the Note7 last year after a number of the handsets caught fire and exploded due to faulty batteries. The Note Fan Edition will go on sale in South Korea on July 7, 2017, with about 400,000 handsets being made available initially, according to the report. The new handsets will be equipped with 3,200 mAh batteries and priced approximately 30% less than the Note7. The faulty batteries in the Note7 were higher capacity 3,500 mAh units.

Samsung appears to have decided to release the Note Fan Edition both to bridge the gap before the Note8 is released later this year and to appease environmental groups. The BBC says that the company has come under pressure for reusing the Note7 components that it now has in its possession after recalling about 2.5 million of the potentially dangerous handsets, to reduce e-waste.

It is not clear whether the company plans to launch the Note Fan Edition outside its home territory of South Korea.

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