Snapchat Launches Links in Snaps

Snapchat Launches Links in Snaps
Users can now place links in their Snaps, which can be accessed by swiping up.

(CCM) — The latest Snapchat update has supercharged the app with the addition of a new "paperclip" feature which allows users to add links to their Snaps. By tapping the paperclip button on the vertical toolbar and entering a web address, users can link to a collection of photos, information about a party or other event, or anything else that does not contravene Snapchat's terms. Anyone viewing the Snap can access the link simply by swiping up and viewing the contents on Snapchat's built-in browser (A preview of the content of the link is shown next to the swipe-up symbol to help users avoid opening links that they might find inappropriate). Previously Snap only allowed ad campaigns and Discover Stories to include links to other content.

The new update also allows users to spice up otherwise dull Snaps with fancy backdrops, which include fireball emojis and strawberry motifs. Once a user selects a backdrop, they can trace around the people or things that they want to highlight, and the background is applied to the rest of the picture.

One final addition is a new voice filter which lets users record their voice and then apply an effect to it, making their voice sound like a cat, a bear, an owl, or even an alien.

The Snapchat update containing the new features is available globally today for iOS and Android devices.

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