Nokia in Exclusive Zeiss Lens Deal

Nokia in Exclusive Zeiss Lens Deal
Future Nokia Phones will be equipped with high-end Zeiss lenses, thanks to an exclusive supply deal.

(CCM) — Nokia phones are to be equipped with high-end Carl Zeiss lenses in the future to make them stand out from the rest of the smartphone market, according to a BBC report. HMD Global, which makes handsets under the Nokia brand, has signed an exclusive deal with Zeiss to supply its lenses, according to the report. However, the deal comes too late for Zeiss lenses to feature in Nokia's new N3, N5, and N6 Android smartphones, which are due to be released in July 2016.

HND Global appears to be hoping that high-end lenses will be enough to give its Nokia-branded handsets a strong appeal. "The camera is now so central a feature of any smartphone - for many it's their primary camera," Ben Wood, a mobile analyst at CCS Insight, said in the report. "It sends the message that HMD is really serious about quality."

The Zeiss deal is an example of the sort of strategic partnerships that the company is basing its entire Nokia business model upon. But the agreement is surprising because Nokia has, at least for now, only a very small share of the huge smartphone market.

Image: © HMD.