Nokia Faces Health Mate Revolt

Nokia Faces Health Mate Revolt
Users of Nokia's Health Mate app are up in arms about bugs and dropped features.

(CCM) — Nokia is facing a mountain of criticism from angry users of the Health Mate fitness tracking app, which it acquired when it purchased French health technology firm Withings last year for $190 million, according to a BBC report. Nokia recently replaced the Withings Health Mate app with its own version, but users are complaining that the new Nokia app is bug-ridden, has difficulty communicating with weighing scales, air quality monitors, and other products which are supposed to supply data to the app. It is also missing a number of features that were popular in Health Mate before Nokia acquired it.

"Nokia took over and totally trashed the Withings app in one swoop," one dissatisfied user said in the BBC report. "The first release of the app was so full of bugs it was incredible. Their new app is appalling and everyone wants the old one back, which we loved."

A Nokia spokesperson said that an update to the app had already been released to address some of these bugs and syncing issues. They promised that another update will be released "very soon" to add back some of the missing features. However, the company did not say if all the features it had dropped will be restored.

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