Twitter Cracks Down on Trolls

Twitter Cracks Down on Trolls
Twitter has introduced new customizable filters to mute notifications from trolls.

(CCM) — Twitter has proved that it is getting serious about silencing trolls on its platform with the introduction of new features that let users mute notifications from a variety of different sources, the company has announced on its Twitter Safety account.

Twitter users can block notifications (such Tweets have been liked, Retweeted, mentioned, or replied to) selectively by applying three types of filters: "quality," "muted words," and "advanced."

The "quality" filter removes "lower-quality" content from notifications, such as duplicate Tweets or content that appears to be automated, the company says. It does not filter notifications from the accounts of people that the user follows or has recently interacted with. The "muted words" filter allows users to mute notifications which contain any particular words or phrases that the user specifies, while the "advanced" filters allow users to disable notifications from certain types of accounts, including new accounts, those that the user doesn't follow, those that don't follow the user, or those that do not have a confirmed email address.

All of the filters can be set on the iOS and Android Twitter apps or on the web by going to the notifications timeline and clicking on Settings or the gear icon.

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