WhatsApp Now Supports All File Formats

WhatsApp Now Supports All File Formats
Users can now share any file format up to 100 MB on WhatsApp, thanks to the new update.

(CCM) — WhatsApp is finally updating its app for all the users in order to allow them to share any file type, as long as its size is under 100 MB. The instant messenger had been testing this feature for quite some time, and now it has been made public for the users all around the world.

With this update, users are no longer confined to sharing files like photos, videos, PDFs, and Word documents. They can share "any" file type as long as it’s under 100 MB. Regardless of the increased file sharing size on WhatsApp, Telegram messaging app still tops the chart for file sharing, as it supports file sizes up to 1.5 GB.

The latest WhatsApp update brings version 2.17.254, and it enhances the interface of the service. The update changes the way bundled photos are displayed, it now sends bulk photos at once and shows them in a thumbnail gallery.

The compact thumbnail gallery format makes it easier for users to sort out the pictures that they want to send. The thumbnail images open in full once the user taps on them. In addition to the new interface for bundled photos, WhatsApp has also introduced a few other minor changes to the app. The new update is currently rolling out globally and will reach all the users soon.

Image: © Chonlachai - Shutterstock.com