iPhone 8 To Feature 3D Laser Sensor

iPhone 8 To Feature 3D Laser Sensor
Engineers at Apple are working rigorously to bring 3D laser sensor on the iPhone 8.

(CCM) — A new report about Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 says that Apple engineers are working around the clock to achieve 3D laser sensor installation on the back panel of the device. With the 3D laser sensor, the iPhone 8 would have seamless support for Augmented Reality, along with improved autofocus.

The 3D laser sensor is reportedly a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser that would bring significant improvements in depth detection. The new technology would also prove to be helpful for Apple's newly launched ARKit that is used by the developers to create AR apps for iPhone. Currently, developers utilise iPhone's primary camera to develop AR apps.

In the past, the rear camera on flagships coming with laser-assisted autofocus helped them to estimate the distance from an object. With the 3D laser sensor, Apple is looking to improve the implementation of Portrait Mode on the iPhone 8. The report also states that Lumentum, Finisar, and II-VI (two-six) are supplying new sensors for the iPhone 8.

Apple engineers are working to bring 3D laser to the iPhone 8, but if they fail to achieve it before the device's release, it could be postponed for the next version of the iPhone.

Image: © TungCheung - Shutterstock.com